Grand Slam Dunk Inflatable Interactive Basketball Game

So now you can RUN, JUMP, and SCORE on the Grand Slam Dunk! Specifically, basketball fans can enhance their best dunk. With this sports interactive inflatable game, anyone can get off to a running start. By all means, catch more air than ever before. Indeed, such a vibrant sports basketball activity will promote a slam dunking contest. 

Now it isn’t as easy as it seems. First of all, players  need to target the goal to slam the ball into. However, they also need to target their jump skills to line up to the goal in order to make the shot. Therefore, this game is a strategic balance players will have to master. All in all, that is the fun of the sport.

For one thing, players enjoy running down the lane and jumping on the right spot to soar to the goal. Basically the pad is there to give you the boost you need to jump higher. Even more, watching players is super fun and hilarious. Particularly, all the twirls and turns players make when showing off their jump shots is sight to see. Also, it is an activity that offers constant rotation for large crowds.

All of our units are constructed from commercial grade vinyl and reinforced stitching. They are designed to be used for extended outdoor use so get ready to party ALL WEEKEND long.

Rents for $199 a weekend

Theme Ideas:

Basketball, Sports, Ball court, Slam, Dunking, Jumping, Championship, Goals, Hoops, NBA

Vehicle needed:

Truck, Cargo van, or Trailer


Dimensions: 15 W x 27 L x 12 H
Weight Limit: 300 lbs
Age Limit: up to adults
Blowers included: 1


This party rental item is a great attraction for a birthday party, block party, school fun day, church festival, reunion, festival, and so much more. Check out our bounce houses, slides, combos, obstacle courses, and more. No Rush Keep All Weekend | Birmingham, Huntsville, Trussville, Pelham Alabama