Atlantis Wet Dry Obstacle Course Activity Center

Overall, the Atlantis obstacle course is very unique. Straightaway players enter a pod. Obviously, the path is a circle. Since the pods connect, players go between each of them. Also, the octopus pool is a big hit. To point out, you can fill it with water. Rather than water you can use balls. Undoubtedly, kids like a ball pit. Regardless, the players will have fun.

Basically, young players get to travel the sea. Since they have choices, they get to decide where to start they. On one hand they can search a submarine. Another option is to explore an airplane. Instead, they can look around a sea boat. In addition, activities await inside the pods. Eventually, they will exit a pod in one of three ways. First, they can exit to the center where pool is. Also, they can exit outside the unit completely. Finally, they can exit through the tunnel and enter the next pod.

In addition, there is even more to do. In fact, a splash pad is located between the airplane and submarine. What’s more is the splash pad area has cute ocean themed designs. 

All of our units are constructed from commercial grade vinyl and reinforced stitching. Therefore, they are designed to be used for extended outdoor use. For this reason, you can use it all weekend long.  

Rents for $269 a weekend

Theme Ideas:

Vacation, ocean, sea, beach, water, kids, activity center, submarine, octopus, mermaid, captain, fisherman

Vehicle needed:

Truck, Cargo van, or Trailer


Dimensions: 24W x 24L x 9H
Weight Limit: 1000 lbs
Age limit: up to 8 years old
Includes: 3 blowers


Taking down


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