Pretty Princess Water slide | Wet or Dry slide

The Pretty Princess water slide is actually a wet and a dry slide. Undoubtedly, the pink and purple colors will make any little princess ready to slide. Generally, people use it as a water slide during the hotter months. However during the remainder of the year they use it as a dry slide. This slide features the newer safety splash pool. The pool is completely inflated to cushion the fall of the players. Additionally, the design is a front load to help with supervision of the players. You can easily monitor the person climbing and sliding from a single angle. Basically, players enter the opening at the bottom side. Then they climb the ladder. Next, they slide down into the inflated splash pool. Finally, they exit out of that side of the slide. Kids and adults alike will have fun on an inflatable slide. 

The Pretty princess water slide is also part of our weekend rental special. No need to rush the party. The primary colors are a stunning pink and purple with a splash of red and blue. 


All of our units are constructed from commercial grade vinyl and reinforced stitching. They are designed to be used for extended outdoor use so get ready to party ALL WEEKEND long.

Rents for $289 a weekend

Theme Ideas:

Any princess colorful theme like Cinderella, Doc McStuffin, etc.

Vehicle needed:

Truck or Trailer


Dimensions:  11W x 24L x 16H
Total Weight Limit: 250 lbs per rider (1 rider at a time)
Age Limit: up to adults
Blowers included: 1



This party rental item is a great attraction for a birthday party, block party, school fun day, church festival, reunion, festival, and so much more. Check out our bounce houses, slides, combos, obstacle courses, and more. No Rush Keep ALL WEEKEND | birthday parties, festivals, carnivals and more. Birmingham, Huntsville, Trussville, Pelham